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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Racoon hat?

0.0 Animal Jam has finally made a raccon hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tons of bloggers have been sugesting it for months! But... it looks creepy. XD So long jammers!

Almost 500 views!

Were almost at 500 views! So far were at 408 views i will have a party when we get to 500 views! If i get 500 views in the evening i will have the party the next day. If its in early afternoon then i will have the party in the evening (the afternoon thing also goes for the morning) I can't wait! By the way sorry i forgot to do the 100 views party.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Report Tomalone5

Report Tomalone5! He is very mean and heartless! Please report him!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look at your animals!

Look at your animals. Are they less pixelish? Most of them.. especially bunnies and crocs! Is this a good or bad thing? Tell me on the comments.

Someone trying to scam my spike! DX

RainbowzGoRawr is trying to guilt trip me into giving my spike by saying" i will quit unless you  give me your spike!" Please report him!

Top hats are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0.0 Top hats are back! I will list the good news and bad... Good news! Less scamming and hacking!
Bad News.... New item scammers are active again... and people might quit because they traded their most precious item for a top hat! So long jammers!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You like Steve?

Do you like steve the spider? He is cool but there is 1 thing thats bad about him... Advertisement!
Honestly I don't like the ads but oh well you just don't click on them

Signatures from Kinyonga

 Hi this is echid and thank you Kinyonga! She got me some signatures and they are here!

Monthly Giveaway and Buddy of the month

There are problems about them, so... only Bell disney  has commented on this blog besides me...
so i will count every comment for the Monthly Giveaway unless you are swearing then i wont count it. Anyway, the 2 buddies that are most likely to be buddy of the month so far are Sparkle746 and Popthemonster! ok? so try to comment and do the buddy of the month poll ^.^
                                 EDIT:Moshlingss is also in the lead
                                  EDIT 2:Moshlingss IS in the lead

I moved the pages to the side now instead of the top

I did this because it is easier to see the pages so don't be suprised if things like this happen. Have fun on this blog!

New item and buddy of the month!

Can anyone pease vote for buddy of the month because there is not a lot of votes on it by the way its a tablet I might not get a picture.... because it took a lot of of trouble for the brown tile picture.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Monthly Giveaway and stuff...

I will try to make bigger comments! About the monthly giveaway so.. you get a prize if you do the most comments and follow the rules see Monthly Giveaway and no one besides me has commented yet! :'( ever in this blog D: please someone comment you can make ideas for it you can help me.. I might be looking for another author soon...if i find out if my parents are ok with it... so back to the monthly giveaway so if anyone wants to win a prize please comment an please try to do it on the monthly giveaway page! ok? bye!

This is a following to I need your help!

Everyone if your reading this please tell your friends about this blog ok? bye! 

Animal Jam Things that are annoying

Things that are annoying...
1.What for it this item what for that item...
3.Trade me im rarer than I look

Errors, Errors,too much errors?

So don't be suprised if you see some posts changed its because im changing the errors. By the way here is one of my favorite animals!

I am not a girl for your information, by the way new item today!!

 I am not a girl people! echid is a boy!
Anyway, the new item is called Brown tile later today I will put the picture of it
Edit: I found an old picture of brown tile from an old blog the user is nazo3515 so.. credit goes to him

I really need your help!

Please tell your friends about this blog! please!!!!!!!!!!! its not officially done though.... but please tell them about it! EDIT:It is officially "done" its ready for lots of veiwers now

Welcome to Animal Jam Echidnas!

Hi... im echid this is my FIRST  blog XD so don't expect me to do pictures yet...
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