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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Clover table....

                                                 Hi guys there is a new item today!
*Credit to snowyclaw*
The clover table.... -_- not very clever AJHQ!
Anyway, it's Kiny's b-day! :D
:D Happy Birthday Kiny!


  1. Hey. Hey you. I would like tah put a picture of one of your animals on Animal Jam of Today, would you like to meet me on AJ to get the picture, email me one, or just have me take one of one of your animals on your player card? PLeeeeasseee replyy ^_^

    1. Ok let's meet on aj soon.

    2. If not, take a picture of emperor icybeast.

    3. (My yellow and white bunny)

    4. Accept meh buddy request O_o If we can't meet online that's okay. Oh and on Animal Jam of Today I won't be able to post on Saturday or Sunday.. Do you think you could? It's fine if you can't.

    5. your buddy list was full when you sent me it, and Ok


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