:D Back after a long time!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Updating my blog and other stuffs

If you want to see the New item click here So, I'm orginizing my blog... I put the quiz on its own page and made pages for the animals (Not finished yet) I only can put 3 in one page (because the 4th one goes into the comment thing.... So.. bye!


  1. Lol um what's up with your new blogger user? Just wondering c:
    - thebetternoobtube


Hi and welcome to Animal Jam Echidnas!
Hi im echid and here is my blog.Now here is the echidna army who are saying some rules about commenting, don't swear at all! Have fun! IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES YOU WILL BE ATTACKED BY THE ECHIDNA ARMY!!!! So.. have fun!!!

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